Memory of Jetpur




Community Art Performance

Memory of Jetpur

On 20th Dec. 2012, I arrived at Jetpur village with anxiety and curiosity. Hundreds of village boys and girls were waiting to welcome us. I felt they were equally curious and anxious about our international artist troop. I took out my camera to catch this moment of encounter. In two weeks time, many children from the village turned to familiar faces. Some of them joined my performance project “Memories of Jetpur”. It is a performance project, which recalls the village life in Jetpur based on my cultural visit.

As a city-dweller I have discovered something extraordinary in the traditional way of living here. Sun and the dry land, men working in the filed and women with water pots, drumbeats and the prayers from the temple, powerful dancing steps, all became my inspiration for the performance project and formed different sequences of this social theater.

memory of Jetpur